Top notch R&D team

Over 30 highly skilled and qualified engineers guarantee innovative designs of sublime quality. To do so, we use state-of-the-art design software and equipment. 

We also invest heavily in testing equipment. To have good products, we select the best components and use state-of-the-art software tools and hardware equipment. Moreover, our positive working environment stimulates our designers to develop highly innovative and qualitative products.


Patented technology in programmable filter amplifiers

The market leading and patented Johansson Profilers are a range of programmable filter amplifiers.

The signals coming from multiple antennas can be combined, filtered, amplified, and converted. 

This offers the best possible signal for distribution of TV throughout the building. The profilers are very flexible and can be configured to your specific needs. We proudly present you our Profiler Revolution. This amazing range of products has no equivalent on the market. The revolutionary technology will make your terrestrial installations much more successful.

New fiber distribution Technology

We proudly present our new fiber distribution range: an easy-to-install solution to equip buildings with a fiber system or to replace traditional coaxial systems by a compact fiber system. This results in longer distance reach, lower signal degradation and lower equipment costs. These budget friendly products solve cable losses in large MDU’s, ideal for high buildings, tourist areas, compounds, etc. We offer an end-to-end solution starting from the LNB over fiber to the STB. 

Our range includes:

  • Fiber Headends with satellite wideband and terrestrial/CATV inputs
  • Fiber Receivers with satellite wideband and terrestrial outputs
  • Fiber Termination Units with integrated SCR technology

The system is compatible with our new range of wideband dSCR multiswitches. It supports huge installations. All our products are compatible with single mode SC/APC cables. Compared to other solutions in the market, we offer higher signal quality over more splits.

Without a doubt, our satellite fiber distribution range will improve your installations.


Market leading dSCR technology

Multiswitches are a key element in the distribution of satellite signals over coaxial cable throughout big buildings. In many cases there is only one coax cable available from the technical riser to the apartment.

Unitron offers a wide range of multiswitches with integrated ‘Digital SCR’ technology.
With those multiswitches, you can connect multiple set-top boxes for multi-room applications to numerous satellites using one coax cable only!

By enabling Single Cable Router mode in Unitron’s “Johansson SCR multiswitch”, we simplify the deployment and lower the overall cost of satellite service installation.

Over the last years, Johansson Multiswitches have been sold in over 40 countries.
This has made Unitron market leader in dSCR technology. To meet your unique system requirements, custom software solutions are available.

Smart recycling IoT

Equipping your collection points with smart sensors can optimize your storage and collection process in many ways. Our high quality and robust IoT sensors offer multiple benefits, like a better planning and service to your customers.

Your containers will be fuller at the moment of pickup, so you will have to drive less kilometers. This results in lower costs and a lower impact on the environment. As you pick up your containers just before they are are full, there will also be less waste dumped next to the container.


We are experts in telecommunication technologies

Today’s telecommunications landscape is changing extremely fast. Companies that want to survive in this industry must be ­flexible and adapt to the market needs. 
In the last 30 years, Unitron Group has ­proven to be a relevant player for many telecom technologies.

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