In a world where more and more physical objects are being connected, Radio-Frequency (RF) expertise is key.

UnitronGroup is your dedicated partner for all your customized IP and RF solutions. UnitronGroup is a family-owned international group of companies that develops, produces and sells telecommunication, multimedia and Internet of Things solutions.

Our flexible team offers you “For every evolution a custom-made solution”



We offer communication solutions for TV and data distribution on all telecom platforms. We aim to continuously improve ourselves and the success of our customers all over the world. 

We are committed to act fairly and with integrity towards our internal and external stakeholders, by creating shared value we want to exceed their needs and expectations.


UnitronGroup develops, produces and sells custom-made devices and technologies for telecommunication and multimedia applications through local partnerships. 

Our flexible team offers you for every evolution a custom-made solution, as a strategic partner we work out your specific needs for the future.


We are experts in telecommunication technologies

Today’s telecommunications landscape is changing extremely fast. Companies that want to survive in this industry must be ­flexible and adapt to the market needs. 
In the last 30 years, Unitron Group has ­proven to be a relevant player for many telecom technologies.

Video Streaming

IoT Projects

In-house Connectivity

Terrestrial TV Accessories

4G - 5G - MUX Solutions

Satellite TV Distribution

Hospitality Projects

Internet TV

Satellite to IP


We go for the Personal Approach

We approach our partners very personally. UnitronGroup is a family-owned company, and we try to give our partners the feeling that they are part of a big family. We don’t do hard sales, we rather focus on building a strong and long-term relationship with our partners.

Testing, Testing ...

Before, during and after production, we are constantly testing our products to assure the best possible specs and the highest quality. Our test engineers go far beyond the conventional certification testing to make sure the products we develop are simply the best.


High Quality Standards

To assure you the highest possible product quality, we developed an integrated quality control system. We are also ISO 9001 certified. All UnitronGroup products go through a thorough inspection and testing. Multiple test engineers make sure that all products reach the highest standards and best specifications. The most important aspect of our quality policy is to close the feedback loop and to assure the continuous improvement of our products and services.

Teamwork is our Biggest Strength

In 1989, Mr. Willy Lamaire took over Vansevenant Electronics and founded the company Unitron nv. Willy Lamaire and his team expanded the Unitron business with a production unit in the Czech Republic and by building strong and strategic partnerships with the world’s biggest telco’s. Today, UnitronGroup sells products on all continents. In 2015, siblings Philippe and Elisabeth Lamaire took over the company from their father Willy. Philippe and Elisabeth are confident to continue the family business and to keep the company relevant in the fast changing market.


Corporate Social Responsibility

In UnitronGroup, innovation, hostesty and integrity are key values. We offer our employees room for a professional career path, personal development and a good work/life balance. We encourage team-play and taking initiative. We trust and support each other to reach our common goals. In the past and in the future, UnitronGroup invests in renewable energy. We also focus on reducing waste such as single use plastics. As we value local bonds, UnitronGroup supports many local youth initiatives, sport clubs and good causes. 


Key milestones that brought us where we are today

1960 Start of Vansevenant Electronics
1962 Johansson brand registered
1989 Willy Lamaire acquires Vansevenant Electronics and starts Unitron
1990 Export all over the world
1994 Start of production facility Deltronic in Czech Republic
1997 Unitron got the ISO 9001 certificate of quality management system
2000 Start of R&D facility Vesla in Czech Republic
2004 Start of sourcing and production facility Unitron Asia Pacific
2006 Partnership with DirecTV (USA)
2008 UnitronGroup, Deltronic and Vesla certified with ISO 9001:2008

2013 Partnership with Sky UK UnitronGroup starts R&D Center in New Delhi India
2015 Siblings Philippe and Elisabeth Lamaire take up CEO responsibilities Start of Unitron Americas Inc. in New York Deltronic and Vesla merged into Vesla Partnership with Sky Italy
2016 Johansson products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide
2017 Partnership with AT&T (former DirecTV) reaffirmed
2018 Start of Unitron Connect, business unit focussing on the IoT 2019 UnitronGroup 30th anniversary, selling over a million products per year
2020 Strategic partnership with Bebat
2022 Celebrating 60 years Johansson


Key figures

Over the last three decades, we have proven our competences over and over. We focus on continuous market-driven innovation, making us the market leader for multiple technologies. 120 employees at UnitronGroup offer you a range of over 250 telecommunication, multimedia and IoT solutions. Currently selling in more than 70 countries, we reach tens of millions of consumers on a daily basis. Perhaps even you?


Family owned Belgian company

International group of companies
Over 120 employees 
Own R&D centers in Europe and Asia
Own production plants in Europe and Asia
Well known for our excellent product quality
Partnerships with worldwide operators
Active in more than 70 countries

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