visit us at Andina Link 2018

At Andina Link, UnitronGroup will show you
Why its products are so unique in the market

Our expertise lies in working closely together with our customers to develop custom-made IP and RF solutions that can be made available under their own brand. 

Here's what our customers appreciate most about us:

1. Long-term partnerships with big market players:
Collaboration with AT&T, SKY TV, Telenet, DirecTV, Bell, Canal+, SES ASTRA has already proven that UnitronGroup is an ideal and trustworthy partner.
Our young and dynamic team, which is now the 3rd generation running the family-owned company, confirms the company's continuity. 

2. ISO-standardized and optimized quality control: 
100% of our customers agree on the high-quality level of our products.
Buying a product from UnitronGroup is buying a cutting-edge piece of electronics that will last for years!

3. Europe based full cycle development:
UnitronGroup has all resources in-house to convert an idea into a final market-ready product.
Our products are designed, developed and manufactured in Europe.
Everything is coordinated from our headquarters in Belgium.

4. Market-driven development:
UnitronGroup is market leader for multiple of its products.
We help defining tailored products based on your (future) project needs.
As our company slogan sounds: Our flexible team offers for every evolution a custom-made solution.

5. Excellent customer service:
Our technical support and fast service is highly appreciated by our customers.

6. Strong R&D team with scientific and proven know-how:
Of the 120 employees, 1/3 is part of the strong R&D team that has over 50 years of experience in RF engineering.
UnitronGroup professionally executes and manages everything in-house: mechanics, hardware, software, data storage... 


Visit us at Andina Link

At Andina Link, we are showcasing our newest TV & Data solutions for in-home distribution. 
Our products cover cable, telecom, terrestrial & satellite distribution, and can be tailored to your specific needs. 
Some of our solutions are on display at Andina Link:

  • Full range of Digital SCR solutions
  • Wide Band solutions for more efficient & reliable satellite signal distribution
  • Digital TV Headends (IP and RF)
  • Terrestrial Programmable Amplifliers
  • Wi-Fi and IoT applications


If you are interested to see how we can help you with customized, high-quality,
Successful and state-of-the-art products (under your own brand name),
Please contact us for a personal meeting:

  • Mail us: or
  • Call us: 0032 57 333 363
  • Visit us: Andina Link | Convention Centre Cartagena - Colombia | 6 - 8 March 2018 | Booth 13

We are really looking forward to meeting you!

visit us at Andina Link 2018