The focus of many of today's IoT projects lies mostly on the service aspect of the innovation.
While this service aspect is very important, we also notice that a lot of these IoT projects struggle to get their product to the market.
According to Cisco, as many as three-quarters of all IoT projects are a flop.
Specifically, we at UnitronGroup see that many companies have difficulties to
convert their prototypes (using plug-on boards such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi)
to hardware that can be manufactured in large quantities at a competitive price.

For some small-scale projects there is no issue to use a common-of-the-shelf plug-on board in the IoT solution.
However, if you want to focus on a bigger market with your IoT project and you need large quantities of hardware,
the consequences of sticking with plug-on boards can be disastrous.
Disastrous not only in financial terms, but also in terms of longer lead times to get to the market.
Moreover, plug-on boards offer lower flexibility in custom development and
they are less future-proof, i.e., a higher chance for parts to become obsolete.

Without the right hardware knowledge, your brilliant idea will never get to the market…
In other words, to make your IoT project successful, good working and qualitative hardware is a must.
And to do so, a strong expertise in hardware development is needed.

UnitronGroup can offer you this high expertise
in hardware design, testing, developing, production and much more.

UnitronGroup has a dedicated team of technology and product experts available to support your demands.
Our team can help you during all stages of your IoT project. We can manage the whole E2E solution, or parts of it:

We will always try to find the best and most cost-effective solution to your problem.
The software team takes care of the data platform, mobile/web application, security, remote accessibility, cloud architecture.
The hardware team makes sure your product will consist of state-of-the-art components.
We can also provide support during the installation, commissioning or maintenance of your project.


Do you want to launch a successful IoT project on the market?
Do you come across technical challenges in your IoT projects?
Do you want help in defining your IoT project, or in other stages of your project? ​

Search no more, choose for UnitronGroup as your reliable technology partner!

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