One simple trick

Make your business more successful by using one simple trick.

And it's not what you expect it to be.

As long as your business has existed, 
you have been focusing on increasing your consumer base.
In fact, this is what every business wants, 
reaching new customers with your innovative products.
Don't you agree?

The simple trick in the title of this page is:
work with us.
You’ll reach new customers with innovative products.
You'll also save LOTS of time, money and effort.

The world's biggest operators already did this,
we developed innovative products for them.
It even helped them save thousands.
Now you can do this too.

All over the globe, 
we reach tens of millions of TV viewers on a daily basis.
Perhaps you yourself have seen TV content distributed by our products.
Chances are big.

To give an example of what we're doing:
We're market leader in Profiler Technology,
a technology that is needed for Terrestrial Television.
Profiler Technology, or Programmable Filter Amplifier Technology,
enhances signal quality, reduces cabling, and most important,
it brings the signal to places impossible to reach by other technologies.

One of these places is an apartment building or Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU).
Families living in MDUs want to see their favourite TV content,
but they cannot always put an antenna outside their home.
Users' viewing preferences do not depend on the type of building.
Whether you live in a single house, or in an apartment block,
people want to see their favourite content.
And they want to see it in high quality.

That’s exactly why the world's biggest operators choose to work with us.
For example, Sky, AT&T, Bell, SES and many others.
Why? Well, we know what the market wants.

As specialists in distribution techniques using RF and IP engineering,
we can help businesses just like yours.
In a most time and money efficient way.
Our distribution products are necessary to reach more customers,
to provide them with new services,
independent of the type of building they live in.

We provide distribution accessories for multiple platforms:
Satellite, Terrestrial, Cable and IP.
All our products are designed with the same goal:
To get the signal to the user at a minimal cost.

Our products are extremely qualitative.
Quality is our GOD. We live for it.

All our products are compliance certified.
They are also maintenance friendly,
plus they keep service calls to a minimum.

Over the last three decades,
we have proven our competences over and over.
We focus on continuous market-driven innovation,
making us market leader in multiple markets.
Flexibility and time to market are top priorities.
We approach custom projects very professionally,
the personal relation with our sales team and engineers is a free bonus.

To conclude, just this.
We can help you too.
UnitronGroup is your ideal partner to get the signal to the user.
Our flexible team offers you for every evolution,
a custom-made solution.

Please reach out to us:
Let us help you.