8210 - HDMI Streamer

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Inputs - 1 x HDMI
Outputs - 1x IP Ethernet RJ-45 jack (for streaming+WebGUI)
1 x HDMI loopthrough
HDMI input - Video resolution : 576i up to 1080p
Video encoding : H264/AVC
Video bitrate Encoding: from 1 Mbps to 30Mbps
Audio encoding : MPEG2
Audio bitrate Encoding 32 -192 Kbps
Streaming port Mbps 10/100
Ethernet OTT encapsulation - HLS (Apple HTTP Live Streaming) (unicast)
Ethernet multicasting - Possible to output UDP multicast (requires external IGMP snooping equipment)
Simultaneous users - Up to 30
(depending on the bitrate and the network infrastructure)
Input resolution - Up to 1080p60
Supported playback 0 All HTML 5 browsers on Android/iPhone/Mac/PC/SmartTV/…
No need to install mobile application or additional software
Configuration - Network/login/input encoder settings/output multicast settings
Power consumption W 5
Operating temperature °C 0 to +50 (for indoor use only)
Dimensions mm 155 x 120 x 50 mm
Weight Kg 0.6
Dimensions of product (mm):155 x 120 x 60 mm
Product(s) per box:1
Dimensions of box (mm):270 x 150 x 62 mm
Product weight (kg):0,6
EAN-13 code product:2082100000010
Products per cardboard:10
Cardboard dimensions (mm):340 x 310 x 285 mm
Cardboard weight (kg):6,3 kg
EAN-13 code packaging:2582100000107
Products per pallet:-
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