8550 - Colosseum DVB-C

Input: QPSK (DVB-S2)
Number of inputs 4 satellite bands
Tuners 8 tuners (8 transponders)
Frequency range 950-2150 MHz
Level -55 to -25 dBm
Bandwidth 36 MHz
Modulation DVB-S2: QPSK, 8PSK / DVB-S: QPSK
DC remote power at RF input 13 V/18 V/22 kHz
TV output: QAM (DVB-C)
Number of outputs 1 with 1 loop-through (-1.5 dB loss)
Frequency range 47-862 MHz
Multiplexes 8
Channel bandwidth 6 MHz /8 MHz
Modulation 6 MHz: 64-QAM
8 MHz: 64-QAM/256-QAM
Spectral inversion on/off
Output level 68 to 83 dBµV adjustable

RF: 20 x 'F' female
Management: 2 x RJ-45
DC: 'banana sockets'
Power supply 15 VDC
Consumption 3A
Operating temperature 0 to 40°C
Dimensions 280 x 260 x 150 mm
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Dimensions of product (mm):280 x 260 x 150 mm
Product(s) per box:1
Dimensions of box (mm):344 x 286 x 245 mm
Product weight (kg):5,1
EAN-13 code product:2085500000017
Products per cardboard:-
Cardboard dimensions (mm):-
Cardboard weight (kg):5,4
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