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What is the second dividend?

Basically, it consists of the liberalization of 12 radio channels (C49 to C60), a 700 MHz band, which has been converted into the transmission of television signals.
Telecommunication operators will use this band for communications starting June 2020.
It's all about 5G, or advanced electronic technology that will revolutionize the world and the way we communicate.
To prevent distortions on the channels C48 and lower, the intervention of professionals is necessary to update the equipment of reception and amplification in buildings.
To carry out this task successfully, Johansson puts at your disposal a catalog of latest technology products. Keywords are quality and reliability.
Products such as the range of programmable filter amplifiers "Profiler Revolution".
After a year and a half in the market, the Profiler Revolution has marked a technological milestone, revolutionizing the sector thanks to its advanced technology:

  • ultraselective filters
  • AGC in real time
  • indication of the level of the input signal
  • channel processing
  • conversion of VHF / UHF input to any other VHF / UHF output channel 
  • automatic LTE 4G-5G filter
  • configuration via uCloud
  • etc.

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New products for Second Dividend