An overview of our partnerships


Our expertise lies in working closely together with our customers to develop custom-made IP and RF solutions that can be made available
under their own brand. Here's what our customers appreciate most about us:

1. Long-term partnerships with big market players:
Collaboration with AT&T, SKY TV, Telenet, DirecTV, Bell, Canal+, SES ASTRA has already proven that UnitronGroup is an ideal and trustworthy partner.
Our young and dynamic team, which is now the 3rd generation running the family-owned company, confirms the company's continuity. 

2. ISO-standardized and optimized quality control: 
100% of our customers agree on the high-quality level of our products.
Buying a product from UnitronGroup is buying a cutting-edge piece of electronics that will last for years!

3. Europe based full cycle development:
UnitronGroup has all resources in-house to convert an idea into a final market-ready product.
Our products are designed, developed and manufactured in Europe.
Everything is coordinated from our headquarters in Belgium.

4. Market-driven development:
UnitronGroup is market leader for multiple of its products.
We help defining tailored products based on your (future) project needs.
As our company slogan sounds: Our flexible team offers for every evolution a custom-made solution.

5. Excellent customer service:
Our technical support and fast service is highly appreciated by our customers.

6. Strong R&D team with scientific and proven know-how:
Of the 120 employees, 1/4 is part of the strong R&D team that has over 30 years of experience in RF engineering.
UnitronGroup professionally executes and manages everything in-house: mechanics, hardware, software, data storage...