UnitronGroup Satellite Digital Single Cable Router Family

Unitron expands analog SCR family with new digital products.

As one of the leading innovators in the Satellite TV distribution market, UnitronGroup recently announced an expansion of their One-Liner Technology (OLT™) or SCR technology.  These solutions take the entire satellite input BW but only outputs the transponder containing the desired video channel.  The entire band is not output as in traditional Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) installs.  In analog OLT solutions, Operators were limited to 12 unique video streams over a single cable, a great improvement over traditional one video stream per cable. But Unitron digital solutions support up to 32 unique video streams. 

There is a rapid increase in the number of video streams needed per Set Top Box (STB). During the period of 2012 to 2017, IHS expects a ≤ 2 video stream STBs to experience negative CAGR while >2 video steam STBs to grow at 33% CAGR.  Unitron digital OLT solutions are designed to support this need across several applications.  “Expanding our analog OLT products to digital was a natural progression for Unitron and we are pleased to continue our leadership in this market” said Joris Goemaere, UnitronGroup, Technical Director.

Unitron offers Low Noise Block (LNB) and Multiswitch Outdoor Unit (ODU) digital SCR solutions.  The dLNB24 and dLNB32 models offer single satellite customers either 24 or 32 streams depending upon their use case.  Both LNBs can be configured for dynamic or static mode (for those customers with 32 or less transponders in their system) with full programmability and industry leading power consumption.  The 9775 digital SCR Multiswitch supports up to four satellite positions and is optimized for the multi-dwelling market.  Each switch has 6 outputs with 5 video streams per output.  The 9775 offers a cascade feature which allows additional units to be run in series as needed to support all the dwellings in the building.  Both the LNB and Multiswitch product offer full programmability, multiple communications protocol support, and easy plug-n-play installation.  Products are available for mass production now.

Meet the UnitronGroup and see the dLNB 24, dLNB32 and 9775 Multiswitch products at IBC 2015, Hall 10, Booth 10.F42