UnitronGroup Introduces Wideband Satellite Product Family

Unitron completes Satellite distribution product coverage with Wideband product launch.

UnitronGroup, a leading innovator in the Satellite TV distribution market, announced an expansion of their satellite products with the introduction of the Wideband product family. 

Foremost in the family is the new Wideband LNB, wbLNB, a single satellite solution that conveys the entire Vertical and Horizontal satellite polarities across each of its outputs.  Designed as a cost optimized and power optimized solution for System providers who do not need to coexist with other signals such as Terrestrial or Cable, the LNB converts the Vertical and Horizontal RF signals directly to IF signals.  Each polarity output is 290 – 2340 MHz and uses a LO of 10.41GHz.  This can be customized for those customers who wish to use a different frequency plan.  The simplicity of the design, Feedhorn, LNA, Mixer, LO, and IF Amp allow for minimal power consumption and a very low-cost final solution.  RF switches are not required, nor is there any communication protocol needed between the STB and the LNB.  The entire satellite BW is available at all times.  The LNB meets all ASTRA Universal Wideband LNB specifications.

Along with the LNB, Unitron offers an entire range of wideband accessories including: wideband indoor 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8-way splitters, wideband line amplifiers, and wideband IF trunk amplifiers.  “With the new Wideband satellite product family, UnitronGroup continues our leadership role in the satellite market and support for our customers across the globe.  The wideband architecture allows for full satellite content to unlimited users across the two-cable system.  Unitron’s new wideband product lineup provides all reception distribution needs for this system,” said Elisabeth Lamaire, Global Sales Director.

Meet the UnitronGroup and see the wbLNB and accessory products at IBC 2015, Hall 10,Booth 10.F42.

UnitronGroup Introduces Wideband Satellite Product Family