UnitronGroup and Trump in one room

During Trump’s latest visit to Belgium, the American president stayed at an American army base where his request was to watch television. Due to technological limitations, this is not so obvious: the American televisions used on the army base cannot process European television signals. To make this possible, a specific device must be used, for example an HDMI Modulator.

The HDMI Modulator that was installed in the American army base was produced by the family-owned company UnitronGroup, an international group of companies that develops, produces and sells telecommunication, multimedia and Internet of Things applications.

“The HDMI Modulator was chosen because UnitronGroup’s devices are renowned world-wide for their excellent product quality. The high quality level of our products is assured through a continuous process of control and optimization, from idea to final product. To guarantee this quality level, UnitronGroup is currently looking for new colleagues.”
– CEO Elisabeth and Philippe Lamaire

UnitronGroup is very proud that one of the most powerful persons in the world could watch television thanks to our product. President Trump himself was not available for comment, though we heard that his stay in Belgium was "absolutely amazing".

More info on our HDMI Modulators can be found here

UnitronGroup and Trump in one room