Two new Digital Profilers to serve you better

While we were running through the reviews of the Profiler Revolution,
we defined two new variants.
The goal is to make a Profiler range that better fits your needs.

As the nature of buildings and areas change,
so must our market leading digital Profiler technology change.
And so should the product features be different, for you.
Today, we want to introduce two new products to you.
The Profino Revolution and the Profiler Revolution SAT.

The Profino Revolution is a light version with digital Profiler Technology.
The Profiler Revolution SAT has, as the name reveals, a Satellite input.
They are more capable to help you in specific situations.

The many positive reactions we received about the Profiler Revolution,
confirm our position as market leader in this technology.
Today, we expand our range in order to serve you even better.

The Profino Revolution is a light version digital Profiler.
The 6710 has 1 FM, 1 DAB/VHF and 2 UHF inputs.
Up to 20 Channels can be filtered and amplified.
Channel conversion is not possible,
but the filters on adjacent channels are extremely sharp.

For the Profiler Revolution SAT, we add a satellite input.
When satellite content must be combined with a terrestrial source,
additional and expensive equipment must be installed. 
With the Profiler Revolution SAT, this problem is solved.
The 6702 is a state-of-the-art digital Profiler,
and an additional Satellite stream can be added to the output.

We really hope that these new Profilers will fit your needs.
We know that they will make your installations more successful,
and that they will boost your business.

The Profiler Revolution SAT and the Profino Revolution
Are now available for pre-order. 

If you're interested, get in touch with us this very minute.

Do you want to know more?

Here's a short resumé of the positive feedback we often receive about the Profiler Revolution:

  • The most cost-efficient channel convertor solution on the market, with great flexibility to assign any VHF/UHF input to any VHF/UHF output
  • Very easy and fast installation, without the need for a field strength meter
  • Extremely sharp filters, 50 dB on adjacent channels and integrated 4G/5G/LTE filters. The Profiler Revolution can filter and amplify very weak signals. This is something that our test users could not do in the past with other equipment
  • Perfect headend for your fibre installation to equalise and optimise the signals
  • Excellent quality of the output signal, the Profiler Revolution optimises the incoming digital terrestrial signal to assure supreme video quality on the end-users' TV-screens
  • Johansson Profilers are loved, and already sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. That's why they get our quality label

Discover the full Profiler Range here