This new product will save you lots of time effort and money

As an aerial specialist with an eye for quality,
working with Johansson is your best option.
It simply makes you more successful.

Now with our newest dSCR programmer (ref. 9729),
you can achieve even greater success.
Because you will be able to save LOTS of time, effort and money!
And this is exactly what everyone wants. Do you agree?

Below, you can see this wonder product:

You might think how such a simple product
will help you save time, effort and money?
Well, let us explain.

First of all, the dSCR programmer lets you reprogram devices in the field.
This means that LNBs and other dSCR products will last longer,
because they can be upgraded in the field rather than replaced.

Second, the programmer is extremely easy to use.
Below, you can see how it's done in four simple steps.
No hassle with connecting a computer to a programmer,
just use a simple SD card. It can't be easier than that!

Third, we optimized our file configurator in terms of usability.
Making configuration files is now easy as pie.
You can check it out here.

Fourth, our programmer is much cheaper than the competition.
And it's Johansson, so it's supremely qualitative.
No need for arguing here.

Fifth and last, a bonus for you: It's super safe!
You don't have to climb on roofs to the satellite dish.
Just connect indoors to the coaxial cable coming from the LNB.

Needless to say, the dSCR Programmer deserves our 5 stars:

To wrap it all up, here's a short video that explains how it works: