The Profiler Revolution is now available for order!

During the last weeks, we conducted field tests with some of our partners to see if the Profiler Revolution (Ref. 6700) 
lives up to the expectations of the market and to see which aspects can be improved.


Here's what the first users of the Profiler Revolution said 

it truly is an innovative product with 5 big advantages:

  • The most cost-efficient channel convertor solution on the market, with great flexibility to assign any VHF/UHF input to any VHF/UHF output
  • Very easy and fast installation, without the need for a field strength meter
  • Extremely sharp filters, 50 dB on adjacent channels and integrated 4G/5G/LTE filters. The Profiler Revolution can filter and amplify very weak signals.
    This is something that our test users could not do in the past with other equipment.  
  • Perfect headend for your fibre installation to equalise and optimise the signals 
  • Excellent quality of the output signal, the Profiler Revolution optimises the incoming digital terrestrial signal
    to assure supreme video quality on the end-users' TV-screens 

To wrap-up, here are 9 good reasons that show
why the Profiler Revolution is unique

  • 5 inputs (1 FM and 4 VHF-UHF) 
  • The most cost-efficient channel convertor solution on the market
  • Read-out of input level strength: no need for field strength meter
  • Can process and convert more than 50 channels
  • Sharpest filters on the market (50 dB on adjacent channels)
  • Real-time AGC on all individual multiplexes
  • Flex matrix: complete flexibility in assigning filters from any input
  • Straightforward configuration
  • Made in Europe, for worldwide application

Order your Profiler Revolution HERE!

The Profiler Revolution is now available for order!