The next revolution in Compact Satellite Convertors

Please meet our newest Compact Satellite Convertor (Ref. 9780).
It's the next generation convertor for satellite signals to be used in MDU's.
The compact plug-and-play module has a straightforward and easy configuration.

Here is a short overview of the main specs:

  • programmable satellite IF convertor
  • up to 32 DVB-S/S2 transponders
  • 4 satellite inputs (Quattro/Quad/Wideband LNB)
  • realtime AGC on all individual transponders
  • read-out of input level strength: no need for field strength meter
  • 112 dBμV (output level)

Here's what the first users of the 9780 say:

it truly is an innovative product with 5 big advantages:

  • The most cost-efficient satellite convertor solution on the market
  • Very easy and fast installation, without the need for a field strength meter
  • Extremely sharp filters 
  • Perfect for equalizing and optimizing satellite transponders as input for a fiber headend
  • Excellent quality of the output signal, the 9780 optimises the incoming satellite signal to assure supreme video quality on the end-users' TV-screens
  • Johansson products are loved, and sold in many countries worldwide. That's why they get our quality label:

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The next revolution in Compact Satellite Convertors