Enjoy the Profiler Revolution Video

Dear Johansson friends,

The Profiler Revolution (Ref. 6700) has been on the market for a few months and we already received very positive signals. 
We made a short promotional video to show you the benefits. 
Watch the video here and discover why it is such a unique product:

In the video, we discuss the advantages of the Profiler Revolution:

  • The most cost-efficient channel convertor solution on the market, with great flexibility to assign any VHF/UHF input to any VHF/UHF output
  • Very easy and fast installation, without the need for a field strength meter
  • Extremely sharp filters, 50 dB on adjacent channels and integrated 4G/5G/LTE filters. The Profiler Revolution can filter and amplify very weak signals. This was not possible in the past with other equipment.
  • Perfect headend for your fibre installation to equalise and optimise the signals
  • Excellent quality of the output signal, the Profiler Revolution optimises the incoming digital terrestrial signals to assure supreme video quality on the end-users' TV-screens
Enjoy the Profiler Revolution Video