New products November 2016.

New Versatile Modular Headend

(ref. 5500: PROFLEX)

The new satellite modules has 4 inputs allowing the reception of 4 different satellite bands per module.
Because the module has 8 satellite tuners and a built-in multiswitch, reception of 8 different transponders coming from any of the 4 input satellite bands is possible.

Depending on the type of configuration, up to 4 DVB-T/C multiplexes, 4 MPTS or 64 STPS streams can be distributed per module, offering you one of the most flexible and cost-efficient solutions available on the market!



  • Versatile: one module for multiple applications.
  • Flexible: tailor-made configuration.
  • Future proof: confuguration upgradable.
  • Scalable: feature upgradable.
  • Feature activation can be time based.

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New Digital Compact Headend

(ref. 5600: Universe Pro 3)

This rackmountable Universal Compact Headend enables you to receive any transponder from satellite, terrestrial or cable and put it on your coaxial and IP network.




  • Receives 3 transponders from any DVB source (satellite, terrestrial or cable).
  • Decrypts the PayTV channels, when one or more professional CAMs are inserted.
  • Puts the demodulated transponders on your private coaxial and IP network.
  • Can work standalone to insert channels in your existing network.
  • Compatible with SD and HD, with MPEG2 and MPEG4.
  • Supports LCN.
  • Perfect picture quality thanks to a MER, comparable to premium headend equipment.
  • Plug&Play thanks to a built-in WebGUI.

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New Wideband LNB

(ref. 9720: Wideband LNB)

The first product in this wideband satellite range is the Wideband LNB. It receives any standard Ku satellite signal and generates a Horizontal and Vertical IF signal. Each output contains both the low and the high band of the polarization.


  • LNB, able to receive 1 Ku satellite orbital slot.
  • 1 Horizontal and 1 Vertical output.
  • Low noise
  • Output frequency range 290-2340 MHz.

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New Digital LNB

(ref. 9721)

The SCR technology has widely expanded the capabilities of satellite multiswitches. Since this technology is a great success in our products and on the market, it was the perfect time for Unitron to take the next step: putting the SCR technology into LNBs.

This opens up a lot of new and very cost effective solutions for our customers. Unitron has developed 2 different use cases for these digital LNB products, based on the following specifications.


  • LNB, able to receive 1 Ku satellite orbital slot.
  • Connect up to 24 or 32 users.
  • High output power (AGC controlled).
  • Low noise.
  • Multistandard support: EN50494 / EN50607. Other standards, like FSK, on request.
  • LNB can be programmed in static or in dynamic mode.
New products November 2016.