How we became AT&T’s ideal technology partner

We currently have more than 250 products in our active range.
With these telecom products, we reach tens of millions of TV viewers on a daily basis.
Perhaps you yourself have seen TV content distributed by our products?
Chances are big.

The world’s biggest satellite operators use our digital solutions.
For example: AT&T, Sky, CANAL+, Bell, SES and many others.
We are often asked why these market leading companies choose for UnitronGroup.
So we decided to write a short post about it, with a focus on AT&T.

Why does AT&T choose for UnitronGroup?

Well, we must first say that AT&T (former DirecTV) and UnitronGroup have a long history together.
It all started in 2001 with the development of Multi-frequency shifters.
A few years later, we designed and manufactured the Single-Wire Multiswitch (SWiM).
This is probably our most popular AT&T product: we sold more than 200.000 SWiM units.
Today, UnitronGroup has already developed over 40 products for AT&T.

According to our personal contacts at AT&T, UnitronGroup is an ideal technology partner.
The main reason is our know-how of single cable distribution technology for non-residential markets. 

AT&T wants to provide residential TV experiences in non-residential markets.
However, distributing satellite signals in hospitality projects, multi-dwelling units, and lodging and institutions is a real challenge. So there is a need for specific RF engineering expertise.
Independent tests have shown that our products have superior RF specs.
Our products distribute satellite pay-tv signals through buildings with minimal loss of quality in a most cost-efficient way. Our team of more than 30 R&D engineers has proven this more than once.
That's why AT&T uses our innovative and tailored solutions to find new customers while at the same time saving money.

Other reasons why AT&T believes we are an ideal technology partner:
- AT&T uses a broad and customized product range developed and produced by UnitronGroup
- UnitronGroup is market leader in multiple technologies
- AT&T chooses for UnitronGroup because we are Europe based, offering high product quality
- UnitronGroup follows ISO-standards and we constantly optimize our quality control
- AT&T values UnitronGroup's promise for fast time-to-market at the correct prize

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UnitronGroup is your ideal partner to get the signal to the user.
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How we became  AT&T’s ideal technology partner