How to make your hospitality solutions more successful

We know that quality matters to you,
especially when it comes to professional Headends.

As a telecom specialist with an eye for quality,
you find it important that Headend equipment is stable and reliable.

Today, we present to you our newest Digital Modular Headends.
You can use them in all your projects, thanks to their flexible configuration.
They are compatible with all platforms: satellite, cable, terrestrial, IP and HDMI.
With the new Remote Management Unit, control, monitoring and alarming (e-mail notifications) is possible.

The first users already told us something very interesting:
This Headend will make your hospitality solutions more successful.
Below, you can discover how.

Our newest Digital Modular Headend consists of multiple rack-mountable modules and accessories.
We'll describe each one of them below.

  • Satellite module - ProFlex (ref. 5500)
  • HDMI module - ProHDMI (ref. 5520-5530-5531)
  • Cable and Terrestrial module - ProCAT (ref. 5510)
  • Remote management Unit - RMU (ref. 5951)
  • Accessories

Satellite module - ProFlex (ref. 5500)

The new satellite module has 4 inputs allowing the reception of 4 different satellite bands per module.
Because the module has 8 satellite tuners and a built-in multiswitch,
reception of 8 different transponders coming from any of the 4 input satellite bands is possible.
Depending on the type of configuration, up to 4 DVB-T/C multiplexes, 4 MPTS or 64 STPS streams can be distributed per module,
offering you one of the most flexible and cost-efficient solutions available on the market!
The ProFlex is a versatile product that allows you to do transmodulation from DVB-S/S2 to DVB-T or DVB-C
as well as streaming to SPTS or MPTS.

This is what the first ProFlex users appreciated:

  • Intuitive Web user interface
  • SID remapping
  • Local Channel Numbering (LCN)
  • Full EPG support (EPG is only processed for forwarded services)
  • Possibility to prioritize important TV channels
  • PID filtering of e.g. Audio channels
  • TV channel duplication for international languages
  • Advanced watchdog feature to guarantee uptime

HDMI module - ProHDMI (ref. 5520-5530-5531)

The ProHDMI module is a professional headend encoder with 4 HDMI inputs.
The modules have 1 ethernet streaming port (ref. 5520)
or 1 coaxial output port with up to 2 independent output MUXs (DVB-T/DVB-C/ATSC-T/ATSC-C/DTMB/ISDB-T) (ref. 530-5531). 
The ProHDMI module allows you to stream high quality video and optimize video experience.

Cable and Terrestrial module - ProCAT (ref. 5510)

The ProCAT is a professional digital modular Headend for cable and terrestrial signals.
It can work standalone to insert channels in your existing network. 
The ProCAT has a CAM slot, so PayTV channels can be decrypted.

Remote management Unit - RMU (ref. 5951)

The RMU is a plug-and-play module that allows for remote management, control, monitoring and alarming.
This can be done via our uCloud platform.
Once the RMU is installed, there's no more need to go on-site for Headend reconfiguration.


include a 19 inch rack, a Fan Unit and a Power Supply Unit. 
Find more about the accessories here.

Without a doubt, these Digital Modular Headends, 
or a combination of these modules, will fit your project needs.
That's what we were already told by many new customers.

A few months ago, we noticed something interesting with some of our customers:
After years of working with other Headend suppliers, 
they switched to Johansson. 

Why? They told us that Johansson Headends are better:
more stable, qualitative and trustworthy.
Our Headends are loved, that's why they get our quality label:

How to make your hospitality solutions more successful