NEW Fiber Distribution Solution

This is an exclusive update to introduce our new fiber distribution solution
The benefits of this real market changer will amaze you.

Why is it called a market changer? 

Let's start with 6 reasons why:
It's an easy-to-install solution, no hassle is our promise.
You can easily reach up to 128 passive splits without signal degradation.
Our amplifiers with integrated AGC will give the best possible output power.
You'll be able to reach longer distances and lower signal degradation.
Ideal for large systems in MDU's, high buildings, tourist areas, compounds,...
We offer you all of the above at very competitive prices.

What's included in our new fiber distribution solution?

We offer an end-to-end solution starting from the Wideband LNB over fiber to the STB. Our range includes:
Fiber Headend with satellite wideband and terrestrial inputs.
Fiber Receivers with satellite wideband and terrestrial outputs.
Fiber Termination Units with integrated SCR technology.

So what do we do better than what's already on the market?

Compared to our competitors, we offer higher signal quality over more splits.
We also offer a more qualitative solution for 2 satellite orbital positions.
Without a doubt, our satellite fiber distribution range will improve your installations.

Interested in our market changing offer?

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NEW Fiber Distribution Solution