6 reasons why you should use a Johansson Multiswitch

In other words: What is our unique offer that other players can't compete with?


Satellite distribution
made simple

Our plug-and-play Multiswitches distribute satellite
and terrestrial signals in all types of buildings,
over only one cable.


Complete range

Active, passive, 1-way, 2-way, 4-way, 6-way, 8-way,
16-way, add-on, legacy, digital, wideband,... 
The opportunities are endless! Our Multiswitches
are tailored to satisfy all your project needs!


Real and proven

Our team of engineers and developers has
over 15 years of experience
in Channel Stacking Switch (CSS) technology.


Market leader

Strong and strategic partnerships with distributors
and operators such as Sky, AT&T, MultiChoice,...


Europe based 

Our Multiswitches are designed, developed and manufactured in Europe. All is coordinated from our headquarters in Belgium.


ISO-standardized and optimized quality control

100% of our customers agree on the high quality level of our products. Buying a Johansson product is buying a cutting edge piece of electronics that will last for years!

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6 reasons why you should use a Johansson Multiswitch