Five New Joys

Five New Joys
Await you in the Profiler Revolution

Can thousands of installers be wrong for choosing the Profiler Revolution?
We believe not.
In this article, we will show you five new joys that installers of the Profiler Revolution experience.

A very unique product.
Three years ago, most installers were spending lots of time installing their analog terrestrial filter-amplifiers.
Moreover, the quality of the output signal was not so brilliant.
Then came UnitronGroup with the Johansson Profiler Revolution.
It was the result of a decade of hard R&D work.
The first samples were handed out and we immediately learned that the installers were amazed.
From all over the world, the Profiler Revolution was praised for its uniqueness.

The results installers like.
Soon, we realized we had developed a unique digital programmable filter amplifier and channel converter.
However, a product is never perfect the first time you produce it.
And that’s why we are sweating ourselves to make the Profiler Revolution even better.
Because by doing this, we aim for the results installers like.

5 Reasons Why.
Here’s five new joys that installers will find in their new Profilers
1. High VHF/UHF output power: 126 dBμV.
2. 25% more energy efficient.
3. Intuitive and fast installation.
4. Improved VHF/UHF gain to > 70 dB.
5. Multiple variants of the Profiler Revolution are tailored for your specific installation.

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Five New Joys