2018 – New business unit: Unitron Connect – Purpose-built Hardware for IoT solutions

2017 – Heavy investment in the robotization of our production process

2016 – New business unit: offering Electronics Manufacturing Services for third parties

2015  Siblings Philippe and Elisabeth Lamaire take up CEO responsibilities, the transition was completed in September of this year. Outgoing CEO, Willy Lamaire, remains President of the Board. The change in leadership continues the long family tradition within UnitronGroup. 

2015  SMD line has been enforced with an additional FX-1R pick&place machine in order to reach capacity of 50.000 cmp/hr.

2015  The UnitronGroup founded Unitron Americas Inc. in Brooklyn, New York.

2015  Sky partners with Unitron for new home entertainment system, SKY Q.

2015  Deltronic s.r.o. (Kladno) and Vesla s.r.o. (Pardubice) have merged into one company Vesla s.r.o.

2015  Partnered with Sky Italy.

2014  New Juki SMD line has been installed in Deltronic with capacity over 30.000 components per hour.

2013  Partnered with Sky UK.

2013  Startup R&D Center in New Delhi India.

2011  All production activities have been concentrated in Deltronic s.r.o. (Kladno), and development activities in Vesla s.r.o. (Pardubice).

2008  The companies UnitronGroup, Deltronic s.r.o. and Vesla s.r.o. have been certified with ISO 9001:2008.

2007  Vesla s.r.o. got the certification of quality management system according to ISO9001:2000 under UnitronGroup.

2006  Partnered with DirecTV (USA).

2004  The UnitronGroup founded Unitron Asia Pacific and launched production activities in a new plant in China.

2003  Unitron Belgium got the certificate of quality management system according to ISO9001:2000.

2001  Deltronic s.r.o. (the former name of the manufacturing division of Vesla s.r.o. today) got the ISO 9001 certification.

2000  Vesla s.r.o. has been founded by Unitron Belgium in Pardubice for production and R&D.

1998  In the company Deltronic s.r.o. SMD production was launched.

1997  Deltronic s.r.o. (the former name of the manufacturing division of Vesla s.r.o. today) has moved to the new building in Kladno industrial area.

1997  Unitron Belgium got the certificate of quality management system according to ISO 9001.

1994  Unitron (Belgium) founded Deltronic s.r.o. in Slaný, Czech Republic.

1989  Mr. Willy Lamaire took over Vansevenant Electronics and founded the company Unitron with the new company headquarter in the industrial area of Poperinge. Unitron started to export  "Johansson" products all over the world.

1970  The company Vansevenant Electronics started to export the "Johansson" accessories to France.

1962  The company Vansevenant Electronics launched the production of accessories for TV anntenas. In the same time the company started to sell products under the own trademark "Johansson" on the Belgian market.

1960  Willy Vansevenant opened in the centre of the Belgian city Poperinge a company named "Vansevenant Electronics". The main activity of this company was distribution of TV sets.